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Vyasa Vani - Spirit of Leadership

यो यस्मिन् कुरुते कर्म यादृशं येन यत्र च ।

                तादृशं तादृशेनैव स गुणं प्रतिपद्यते ।।                


yO yasmin kuruthEy karma

yaadhriSam yEyna yathra cha      ।

thaadriSam thaadriSeynaiva

sa guNam prathipadhyathEy    ।।

Honest Intention, Predetermined Objective, Execution in the Right Domain/Place in a Proper Manner shall produce the result relevant to all these characteristics. In essence any activity at every stage from commencement to the conclusion reflects the spirit of leadership.

(Mahabharata - Shanthi Parva: 62-8)


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