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The discourses on Mahabharatam by Shri Samprati Surendranath are brought out as a book as well as in the internet by Bharata Dharma PracharaParishat. This project is funded by 'Putcha Lalitha And Ramana Charitable Trust' whose trustees are Sri Putcha Venkata Ramana and Smt. PutchaLalitha This blessed couple are the founders of the ITM group of institutions and are patrons for different cultural, educational and social organizations.  

The discourses on Mahabharata by Shri Samprati Surendranath in association with Telugu SahityaSamithi have been running since 2009. Just imagine, 250 Sundays without a break!! With the intention to offer this nectar of Mahabharata to all the populace, we have got these discourses recorded, edited and placed in the website. We are assisted in this effort by sound editor Mr. Samir Khole from Mumbai and Web Consultant Mr.Raman Ranjan from Hyderabad.

To make these recordings available for reading, under the supervision of Dr. SalakaLalitha, we have got them transcribed. Mrs.Srikala, Mrs.Padma, Mrs.Harita, Ms.Durga and Mrs.Sridevi have carried out this exercise of Transcribing, editing, adding the padyas/slokas quoted in the discourse .These are further edited and verified, and brought out to you in the current shape by Dr. Salaka Lalitha, Sri Samprati Surendranath and Dr. Salaka Raghunatha Sarma.

If this wisdom of the Mahabharata embedded in these gems can cast their brilliance in the lives of the readers, then we consider our efforts fulfilled.


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