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Welcome to the lovers of literature... This site is for those who wish to listen/read/know The Greatest Indian Epic Mahabharath.

यदिहास्ति तदन्यत्र यन्नेहास्ति न तत् क्वचित् "Whatever is here, is found elsewhere. What is not here, is nowhere else" is what Mahabharata authoritatively declares. also is ambitiously designed to recreate similar magic of Mahabharata on the Internet as one place of encyclopedia. “Whatever you read/listen here is in Mahabharatam and Whatever is in Mahbharatam is elaborated and explained here.”   Rejoice in the glory of Indian culture, thought, philosophy, civilization, literarature,spirituality, guidance,- in the narration of the story of this Great Epic with elaborate explanations and commentary.

Reach to the enchanting experience of the Mahabharatam when you are on move, wherever you are.. Listen to the insightful discourses on the greatest epic that are in convenient segments with content titles that can be easily downloaded.

न हि ज्ञानेन पवित्र मिह दृश्यते - “Nothing is as precious and divine as Knowledge and Wisdom” and that Intellectual Wealth of sanatana dharma is just at the touch of your fingers.
This site also presents the below treasures:

  • This is the only place in the internet where you can find the original Kavitraya Bharatam text.
  • Here you can listen online to the insightful discourses on Mahabharatha by Shri Samprati Surendranath
  • You can read the transcribed discourses attached along with the recordings.
  • Those of you who cannot afford to read/listen online at once can download, read and relish the discourses at their leisure.

We welcome your suggestions to make this site an encyclopedia for all the stuff related to the Greatest Indian Epic MAHABHARATHA.


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